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NETLAB+ is a server appliance with all the software tools preloaded for academic institutions to host real lab equipment, virtual machines and lab content at your location for trainees to complete labs. NETLAB+ allows worldwide access to real equipment for instructors and students in a training environment that is easy to use and manage.

NETLAB Academy Edition® is a remote lab appliance for Cisco Networking Academies.

The only difference between NETLAB and live equipment is that you do not have to connect your cables as NETLAB uses pre-wired live equipment that you control via remote access.

For more information on NETLAB click here

At the moment we have three NETLAB systems available, two Academy Edition and one Professional Edition.

Time on our NETLAB systems can be gained by three methods:

  1. Enrolled on a blended distance learning course.
  2. For academies with a valid support contract a student account can be given to instructors for self development.
  3. Pods can be leased by academies for student usage, please contact us for details.
  4. Students contact your lecturer/instructor.


If you have an account please use the links below to access the servers.




Available Pods

The currently installed pod types and numbers can be found below:

The pod types and numbers below will soon be installed:

Hardware in Cisco Pods

The type of hardware that can be found in our Cisco pods can be found below:

Leasing Pods

The costs of each pod type can be found below:

To use our NETLAB for your classes you can book pods for a set amount of time, we operate a cost recovery model to keep the costs to a minimum. The time is block booked by an academy and is reserved for that academy on the pod type required to ensure that it is available at the time requested.

Although we charge the pods by an hourly cost, the minimum charge is £100 due to administration overhead costs. If you do not use the £100 in a block booking period we will hold the remaining money for your next booking period.

Please contact us for more details.

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