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Instructor Training Course Schedule

Last Updated: 10th July 2017

The courses listed are only for Cisco Networking Academy Program instructors at a registered Cisco Academy.

With all of our training courses we provide:

Release schedule

Released instructor course schedule

We may be able to offer additional dates if there is enough interest in a particular course, please contact us at catc@bcu.ac.uk and we will see if we can assist.

Registration on courses

Instructor Prerequisites

Prior to teaching a course for the first time, instructor candidates must receive training on the course content.

  1. Complete the instructor class registration
  2. Download and review the course materials two weeks before the training session
  3. Participate in all activities during class, including online and classroom learning, labs, online assessments, and skills-based assessments
  4. Complete an online final exam, course feedback form, and pass any associated hands-on, skills-based assessments (SBAs).

Instructor Fast Track (IFT) Enrollment Prerequisites

  • Course enrollment prerequisuites can be seen here

  • Notes

    Course Joining Instructions

    Course Costs

    Delivery methods

    If we do not support the training type you require, as long as it fits within the delivery rules we may be able to run a course to fit your requirements. Contact us with your requirements

    Prior to Booking your travel arrangements

    Prior to attending

    Requirements to Pass the course

    Course Cancellation Policy

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